How to Calculate the Cost to Develop Custom WordPress Website?

Custom WordPress Website Development Cost

WordPress platform is quite renowned for developing business websites. No matter whether you want to build a professional website that is full of features and functionality or want to develop a simple blog, WordPress makes the task simpler with user-friendly interface and a host of readymade plug-ins. The only matter of concern for newbies is the estimated cost to develop custom WordPress website.

A proper breakdown of costs can help professionals to set aside a fixed budget for custom WordPress website development and manage other business operations.

Design and elegant look offered by this WordPress framework is incomparable. Such benefits of WordPress have allured many entrepreneurs to revamp their existing websites developed on other open source platforms to shifting to WordPress.

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What’s the Exact Cost to Develop Custom WordPress Website?

WordPress website development cost cannot be given as an exact figure as there are several factors that influence the total expenditure. However, a rough range of cost can always be specified, that may give you an approximate idea of development costs involved in the WordPress website development project.

Influential Factors Affecting the Overall WordPress Website Development Cost

Let’s know how to calculate the rough cost to develop custom WordPress website.

Purchasing WordPress Theme or Template

Based on the nature of your business, WordPress offers a range of themes. Some of them are single-page while others are with multiple page website options.

  • Choose the theme that best represents your company’s services or products as it will be a significant factor that drives in leads for your business.
  • WordPress offers business website themes starting from USD59 to USD150 and more.
  • Choose the one that meets your business needs and budget requirements.

Resources Employed For the Project

To develop custom WordPress website requires a team of developers, designers, UX caretakers and a project manager at one stop as in Falcon Online Services. Payment to these people can either be made on hourly basis or project-basis, as per mutual consent.

If calculating an estimate of expenditure made on resources, the scenario looks something like this:

  • Planning stage involves brainstorming ideas and discussing in detail about features, customizations and functionalities to be implemented in the WordPress website.
    • It requires participation of professionals from development, design as well as UX team, and off course the project manager.
    • Consider this planning and wire-framing consumes one week time of these resources, then you are bound to pay them something around USD10.
  • It takes designer roughly around 2 weeks to complete the UI / UX of entire website, which comes to paying each person in that team USD5 to USD7 for this task.
  • Developers work could go on up to 3 weeks to assemble all plug-ins and testing the proper working of each section of website. This means you would have to pay each member of team approximately USD8 to USD10.


Add the cost of hosting provider and domain services to the above calculated estimate. Further, also include maintenance cost of website that you would be required to pay even after the launch of WordPress website. The total of all these expenditure would give you a rough expense to develop custom WordPress website.

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