What’s the Estimated Cost of Website Design for Small Business Owners?

Estimate Cost of Small Business Website Design

Cost of Website Design for Small Business Owners

What’s the first thing that you notice about a website when you hit it for the first time? Website’s design, interface, flow of navigation and graphics are eye-catching elements of a website that get noticed at first glance. Did you know that 38% of people do not engage with a website that is unattractive in design? While everything comes at a cost, in this blog we shall discuss cost of website design for small business.

While all entrepreneurs desire to have a world-class website design, what comes as a matter of concern is its cost. This is especially true for small business owners who are usually confronted with the question of what’s the overall cost of website design.

Estimating Cost of Website Design: UI, UX, Graphics and Animation

Following table gives a rough estimate of overall design budget, although it is wise to ask a web design company about cost of website design for small business as per your needs. It exposes you to different possibilities and gives an idea of an amount to keep aside for small business website design:

Category of WebsiteNumber of hours SpentCost of Website Design (per hour charges)
Design Using Readymade Template50 to 100Ranging between $10 to $50
Basic Website Design100 to 150Ranging between $10 to $70
Website Design with User Friendly UIMore than 200Ranging between $15 to $70
Website Design with Good UXMore than 300Ranging between $15 to $100
Rich UX & UI Website DesignApproximately 400Ranging between $20 to $150
Animations, UX, UI and Graphics Website DesignMore than 400Ranging between $30 to $200

A note to mention here is that these rates vary depending on whether the designers employed for the project are highly experienced or amateurs. Further it also depends on how big is your website, in terms of number of pages. Level of CMS required and responsiveness also contributes to the cost of website design.

Saving on Overall Cost of Website Design: Readymade Template or Website Design services?

Now you may think that small business website design would be minimal when thinking of using readymade website design templates. While certain level of customization is allowed in these templates, you cannot expect it to perfectly reflect your business needs.

When your business requirements are very specific and you have stringent preferences, it is advisable to hire website design services provider like Falcon Online Services that promise to deliver quality result at reasonable cost.

What’s the Need for Small Business Website Design to be Responsive in Nature?

Responsive website design is especially necessary in this digital age where people carry one or more smart devices with them daily. To provide a consistent user experience across multiple devices to target audience, it is necessary to build a responsive website.

When considering cost of website design, it may be little heavy on pocket to opt for responsive nature design. This factor is especially important if your target audience is probably using multiple digital devices to reach or search for your business.

On a concluding note, small business website design can be completed in limited budget based on your set of specific business needs, specifications and requirements.

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