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Structural Engineering Services

Experienced structural engineering firm with Acute structural engineering standards knowledge and skilled structural engineers is vital to complete to provide detailed and precise structural engineering services. High quality structural services aimed towards innovation enables structural engineering outsourcing to deliver improved performance and well-engineered structures.

We as a structural engineering firm dedicated to precise and high quality structural engineering services has experienced of working with recognizable structures. Our range of structural services demonstrates ongoing commitment to provide performance based structural engineering outsourcing. We have created long list of happy clients with our approach to accept new challenges and use of most advance structural engineering industry technologies.

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Our Structural Engineering Services are also Useful for:

  • High rise structures (RCC structures, Steel structures, Composite structures, Prefabricated building systems)
  • Industrial Structure (Chemical plants, Oil refineries, Composite structures, Power generating units, Printing press facilities, Steel production and allied industries, Equipment foundations)
  • Custom Homes (Timber homes, Masonry / RCC homes)
  • Retrofitting and Rehabilitation of Existing Structures (Strength evaluation using NDT in the US, Rehabilitation of heritage buildings, Seismic retrofitting, Epoxy treatment, FRPC wrapping)
  • Finite Element Modeling and Analysis Using industry-standard software tools
  • Peer review by Independent Analysis or Verification of the Work of Others

Falcon Online Services, a structural engineering firm providing complete range of structural engineering services for residential, commercial, industrial, educational, public utility and many other types of structures.

We Provide Structural Services Like:

  • Structural Design Services (2D drafting and 3D structural models for concept visualization, Detailed structure design with BIM tools for enhanced collaboration, Structure design validation using detailed analysis)
  • Structural Steel Detailing Services (Structural design development for steel and concrete elements, Calculation and design for number of reinforcements required for safety, Assembly drawings development for precast walls, columns, beams and walls, BIM co-ordination and clash detection for enhanced collaboration with architects and engineers)
  • Construction Documentation and Drawings (2D detailed drawings development with floor plans, elevators and sections, Steel shop drawings development with detailed parts, assemblies and Bill of Materials (BOMs), Architectural specification development with necessary schedules)
  • Rebar Detailing Services
  • Structural Drafting Services

Our skilled structural engineers team has hands on experience of providing structural design, structural drafting, steel detailing, rebar detailing, precast and prefabricated structure detailing along with 2D shop drawings, 3D CAD models for structural elements as well as structural detailing for BIM requirements.

Our structural engineering services helps to lower capital investment, increased productivity, reduced project cycle time, highest standards of quality and reduced costs.

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Falcon Online Services is a full cycle services provider recognized company for Straightforward Quality Solutions to Complex Business Challenges with Customer Centric Approach.

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