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Data Entry Services: Get Accurate Data Entry with Reliable Data Entry Company

Managing high volume of data cumbersome task by converting all data into electronic format. Many time firms convert into electronic format their data in-house with spare resources and fails to manage quality. Generally companies do data entry in-house face some troubles in achieving deadlines, lesser accuracy, poor quality with higher expenses specially when large volume of data to enter or convert in electronic format.

Better option is to go for a professional, experienced and reliable data entry company that deliver can deliver high quality data entry services in quick period of time. Outsourcing data entry to Falcon Online Services is your best bet. With years of experience and list of satisfied clients of various industry verticals we have deep presence in data entry services. We combine single entry system and double entry approach to provide fast, affordable and accurate data entry services with highest level of security of data.

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Offline and Online Data Entry Services

We have earned the trust of many clients for cost effective and accurate offline and online data entry services. Our experience in both offline and online data entry services helps to satisfy all your data entry needs.

As an recognized data entry company we provide data entry solution that satisfies data entry needs of small business to large firms of various industries. Some of the industries we have satisfied with our fast, affordable, accurate and high quality data entry services are Banking and Financial services, Healthcare and Insurance, Medical, Logistics and Transportation, E-commerce, Education, Travels, Hotels and Restaurants, Airlines, Railways, Energy and many more.

Offline Data Entry Services

We are a data entry company that executes all kind of offline data entry services with high quality and at reasonable cost. Our offline data entry services collect and enter data that accurately meets high quality standards.

Our Standard Offline Data Entry Services are as below:

  • Collecting and Entering Data From Any Source like Paper documents, PDFs etc. into Required Platform
  • Fetching Data from Scanned Images (any format like jpg, jpeg, tiff, etc)
  • Creating and Updating Database (Both Gathering and assembling the verified data and archived up to date)
  • Form Filling and Processing (Data entry of all forms involving survey forms, orders, invoices, bills, vouchers, receipts etc.)
  • Transforming handwritten documents, papers/books, Magazines, Manuscripts, catalogues, business cards, E-books etc. data electronically from hard copies

Online Data Entry Services

Our online data entry services satisfies every size and complexity of data entry requirements to any web oriented platforms with years of experience and expertise as a professional data entry company.

Our Key Online Data Entry Services are as below:

  • Extraction of data from Images and feeding them online.
  • Copying and pasting the data in web platforms.
  • Editing, sorting and indexing the data.
  • Filling up the orders, forms, surveys, documents, etc., online into the specified web address.
  • Generating up to date database by entering new and existing data.
  • Confidential hand written and legal documents into online documentation.
  • Online data entry of Business cards.
  • Product catalogues data entry by entering and then converting the data electronically.
  • E-books and e-magazine data entry.

Our industry specific online data entry solutions includes online entering and updating records, forms of patients, doctors, hospitals, etc., Filling up claims, reports, sheets, for insurance, accident coverage etc. for medical industry, online database maintenance of import and export of goods, all documents and records are updated regarding shipping for logistics and shipping industry, Online data entry of Receipts (bills), credit card applications, coupons etc. for financial industry.

Why Data Entry Services with Professional and Reliable Data Entry Company Like us?

Highly experienced professionals of our data entry company has specialized expertise in handling of large volume data efficiently. Our data entry services are crafted with the combination of skills and technology to satisfy every data entry needs and deliver excellent results. We have centers in India for all type of BPO services to satisfy all kind and size of data entry services requirements.

Excellent data entry quality, minimal data entry cost, data security, fast data entry, flexibility, data security and highest level of satisfaction are key drivers our data entry services. By outsourcing data entry to us you can focus on your core business activities and guaranteed savings of 40% to 60% including operational cost for your next mission.

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