Social Media For Lawyers and Law Firms – 3 Effective Channels

The 3 Most Effective Channels of Social Media For Lawyers and Law Firms

Are you a lawyer looking to use social media for law firm? Do you want to know which is effective channel of social media for lawyers? Confused in which channel works best social media marketing for lawyers and law firms? Here we have tried to elaborate which channel of social media is best for attorneys and their firms. Effective use of social media marketing for lawyers and law firms grow their practice.

There are many people asking recommendation on social media about lawyers and law firms before taking decision. Several smart lawyers and law firms started to take social media seriously and using social media to get exposure for their practice and gain competitive advantage over the competitors.

Social media tools like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and blogs are fast and cheapest way to be in touch with the clients and prospects. This is a reason why law firms and lawyers require to keep their social media up to date. Best social media marketing services are available in market just lawyers and law firms have to communicate properly if they want result driven social media management.

Promoting lawyers service and law firms on social media has never been more important before. But every lawyer is confused in which social media channel is best for their law firms. Here in this article we have tried to define which is a best channel of social media marketing for lawyers and law firms. Read it out.

Best Channels of Social Media for Lawyers and Law Firms

According to survey conducted by the well known organization working for lawyers, it is found that more than 80% lawyers use LinkedIn and 31% use Facebook as their social media channel. Stats like this proves that time and money spent in social media marketing is worth but it is necessary to be on right channel for your law firm and obviously effectiveness of social media marketing plays major role in success. Here are 3 best channels of social media for lawyers and low firms:


LinkedIn communicates about expertise in social media for lawyers. LinkedIn marketing is one of the most effective tools in social media for lawyers and law firms to obtain new clients. LinkedIn is helpful social media platform to share useful and engaging contents to potential prospects.

For example, personal injury lawyers share their insights on various factors that go into determining liability for injuries that occur on the commercial property. Drawback of LinkedIn is omni presence it makes up for in specialization and lead generation.


Facebook is extremely important in pinpointing the next client. Facebook gives lawyers and law firms chance to connect meaningfully with the prospects. An experienced and best digital marketing agency can help lawyers and law firms in their effective social media marketing efforts for better ROI.

Interact naturally on Facebook and maximize the benefits. Facebook marketing is used in a rage of individual lawyers marketing to law firm page marketing to gain competitive advantage. Facebook insights give useful data to reach targeted audience of lawyers and law firms. For example, a family law attorney may decide to target users who meet a certain income threshold, are married and live within a certain geographic area.


Twitter is used by lawyers and law firms to spark client conversation. Twitter marketing facilitates lawyers and law firms to be an authority resource by providing valuable information for targeted audience.

For example, one attorney firm in USA share useful technology article once a week for their clients after using this technique they received two tech company as new client. From a professional experience, lawyers are just bombarded with too many emails, court dates, and paperwork to tweet.


Discovering power of social media for lawyers and law firms is easy with experts. Promote law firms and winning new client is in trend today that’s why lawyers and law firms’ hand over their entire social media campaigns to the digital marketing company like Falcon Online Services. They are responsible to search out best channel of social media for lawyers and law firms and drive desired results with their experience, expertise, knowledge, skills and industry best resources.

Social media for lawyers and law firms is more effective with the best social media channel and its utilization. It gives more engagement and authority that helps to gain competitive advantage. Creating effective and efficient social media plan for lawyers and law firms and grow practice.

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